Our Mission

We see the world of digital design in simple terms: our customers come to us to build value on their existing business, so we add it in any way we can. Regardless of whether you judge added value in terms of increased customer acquisition, alternative revenue streams or by other metrics, we design solutions that see your company pass its goals.

Where We Come From

Our company started, as many great startups do, with a group of talented, ambitious individuals. They took a look at the way development agencies were taking on projects and knew there was something more to be offered, so they united under one roof to do just that. From freelance developers and businesspeople who saw the opportunities in joining forces, our great team was formed. With over 4 years of collective development experience, and members of our team coming from the medical, real estate, transport and logistics industries, just to name a few, our team members bring a diverse set of resources to the table of each of their clients.
Since opening our doors in 2011, we have seen tremendous growth. With offices in London, our enterprise has:
  • Contributed to over 120 clients
  • Completed 198 successful projects
  • Partnered with over 15 companies in the UK and US
  • Employeed over 15 professionals

Our Own Approach

Rather than mass produce “out-of-the-box” solutions, we focus instead on highly effective, industry-specific, company-personalised native applications. Native app development means we find the device your customers use and build to maximise your outreach and impact. We never settle for the “mobile version” of a website, because we value your investment, so we want to create something that will bring you returns. That’s only possible with apps and software that take full advantage of each platform’s nuances and unique capabilities.
It’s not our product, it’s yours. We are perfectionists and we put all our energy into ensuring we put out great products, but ultimately we are not the final judges of that quality. We build to inspire you, to save you money, to expand your customer base, and achieve all you wish to do with your project, but that only works when it fits your company culture and your level of comfort. You can expect us to offer lots of suggestions and ask even more questions, because we want whatever is in your best interests.
Business and development can both be so chaotic at times, which is why we have come to appreciate harmony in our work. All software and apps should maintain a strict balance within themselves: power and beauty. The processing power of a well-designed project translates into tremendous functionality, but without a user interface that fully complements it, it can never reach its potential, just as the same is true in reverse. Our clients have come to expect our products to be as aesthetically and intuitively designed with users in mind as they are to be powerful tools for their administrators.
Our team doesn’t rush development, but we pride our ability to create quality programs in record times. Your time is valuable to you, and there is no sense in waiting for an application meant to fill a gap a competitor fills or is simply made obsolete by a slow development cycle. Working with us, you can expect to move from brainstorming to marketplace as quickly as quality allows. That means you stay ahead of your competition and start seeing returns that much sooner.

Our Varsity Team

We bring together some of the industry's finest talent to make this all happen, and each one of them brings their own experience and thinking to the drawing board. At the same time, behind them are the five members of our team who are at the reins, navigating our company’s growing success:

The Head Honcho

Oscar Gray is the engine that keeps us going. Energetic, focused, and oh so charming, his force of will helped to bring our company together. With degrees in both Computing and Business Administration, as well as twenty years of experience working at and managing tech companies, Oscar knows is just as comfortable getting to know our new clients and sharing our vision as he is making it a reality with a bit of planning and coding at his station.

The Whiz

Cody Hayes studied computer science at Birmingham City University and has gone on to become quite an impressive app architect in his own right, working first at a large company before branching off as a freelance developer.

The Brains

Artem Davies has certainly gained his reputation, being one of the brightest people we’ve had the pleasure of meeting. A graduate of the University of Warwick, he has worked at several premier development agencies and has played a role in creating some of today’s hottest apps and software.

The Artist

A walk into Alan Stone’s office lets everyone know he has art on the brain. Sketches, doodles and paintings adorn the wall, as well as books he’s read several times since his studies at Stockport College. Alan is responsible for the aesthetic value of so many of our products, designing the look and feel we pride ourselves on.

The Visionary

Freddie Jones designs experiences. His work on UI development is an art form in itself, blending intuitive design with real value-driven functionality. Freddie is also the life of the office, and his quick wit and cheerful demeanour get us through every project, no matter how challenging.