Business Apps

Huge number of individuals is becoming deeply connected to their Mobile phones indicates an opportunity of integrating with them through their cell phones. Nowadays, every individual you see has its own mobile smart phone. Therefore, connecting with those people is much easily and quickly when you do it using your own cell phone. The use of smart phones is further improved with the presence of powerful business apps.

Top Business Apps – What is the Secret of Their Success?

How to get access to the giant cash cow? Here are some tips, based on our analysis of the twenty top paid apps:
  • Get in early
  • Entertain the masses
  • There is a surprise in every package
  • Develop for the device
  • Have the right background
  • Don’t be a one-hit wonder
  • Don’t be too hung up on price
  • You don’t need Lite or Free teaser apps
  • You don’t have to be a huge company (although it helps
  • Controversy is useful, but by no means essential
  • Five-star ratings are neither essential nor possible for top apps
  • It takes a LOT of downloads to develop lot of ratings
  • The theme doesn’t have to be classic or familiar
  • Quality counts

Top 5 Best Business Apps

The lists of some of the best mobile devices in the market currently are:
  • Office Mobile: It basically helps you if you use Microsoft office a lot in your office. This application helps you create documents like excel, power point and word on the go and access it from any place with the help of cloud computing.
  • Cisco WebEx Meetings: This app lets you have meetings where ever you are, this app lets you join any web conference through 2-way video and a camera switcher, it also has a feature which approves you to attach files such as excel, power point or word to your meeting space which can be seen by others in the meeting.
  • Tempo AI: This application can link your calendar events to relevant emails and attachments for any pending appointments and quest up directions to your coming meeting position and pulls up email and phone info for your last minute coordination with your contacts.
  • Wi-Fi Finder: This app comes in handy when you need to find out the nearest free Wi-Fi zone in your city. This app is extremely helpful when you are on the move and feel the need for immediate Wi-Fi connectivity. It provides you with the map to the nearest Wi-Fi location
  • Genius Scan: When travelling for work means keeping a record of various receipts, business cards and other documents till the time you return to the office. It basically uses the phone camera to keep a scan record of the document for you which can also be sent via email. This app is also compatible with Drop box, Evernote and Google docs.