How a customs software development can solve problems of a transport company

Learn how bespoke software can improve transport and logistics business. Find out how an app development can positively impact your business.

Case study: getting more clients with bespoke software

AST Logistics Ltd. is a local transportation company, which performs all sorts of cargo shipments across the Great Britain. It has been on the market for over 6 years and has several local clients, such as Boots and Clarks. As one can imagine, the company wasn’t always doing all that well.

Existing problems and possible solutions

One of the most pressing issues for the company was routes that led to small towns in the countryside, since the region is not very well suited for cargo movements and oftentimes GPS software cannot locate some small roads. In search of the perfect solution to this problem, our future client has worked with several companies, but they were never quite satisfied with the service, the solutions provided and, most importantly the problem wasn’t solved. After receiving a recommendation from one of their business partners, and having looked through the portfolio of works, this company has decided to start working with as.

Suggested solution and implementation

A suggested solution required new software, which would be integrated with the current company CRM system and the creation of a mobile app to enable planning, tracking and other features on the go. The most challenging problem was to provide the data integration and enable real time tracking, which would be displayed both through the website and on the app, if needed. The software set development took about 3 months.There were several effectiveness criteria that needed to be met: The route planning. It was important to plan the shortest routes and take into consideration traffic, any dead ends, accidents and construction sites that might block the roads. There needed to be an adaptive planning solution that would provide several route options for the designated person to choose from based on the day of the week, traffic conditions, all of the criteria listed above and the state of the road, and that was also successfully accomplished. There needed to be an intuitive design, which would allow for fast learning and quick navigation through the interface for the drivers and management staff. There also needed to be an easy way to plan new routes, change the existing ones and track the cargo on the go. All of this was done in a way, that it only took several minutes for new users to get a hang of using both the app and the website. The key criteria was to let people know the delivery time in advance and for that delivery to arrive on time. And that was met with advanced planning options, which provide online solutions for the route changes based on the traffic jams, road reconstructions and accidents.

The results

Implementation of the solution led to increased client’s satisfaction, since every customer knew beforehand when their delivery would arrive and get the automatiс e-mail confirmation of any possible changes. However, it was rarely the case, since the route planning feature always found and planned the best way to get to destination on time. As a result of these improvements, the company got back their clients who were about to leave them for their competitors. Existing clients satisfaction increased so, that they would come back with new orders more often than they used to. They also started recommending Premier Logistics Ltd. to their business partners and so the number of loyal customer grew by 25% in just 3 months after the implementation. Additionally, as a result of integrating this bespoke software set, the logistics department’s performance efficiency increased by 70%-80%. Over the year of working with the new app, the company gained over 500 more orders monthly, which brought the company an additional £ 300,000.

Getting Goods from to A to B with Mobile Technology

Apps Develop Delivery Services. Discover how our developers team has improved courier services in the UK through app development for delivery services, improving route times, calculating driver performance data and ensuring packages reach customers on time. “Waiting for a delivery can be a stressful process for customers, which means high-quality service, on-time delivery and good customer experience are crucial for any courier service to stay competitive and perform effectively. Without Devy App we just cannot be efficient and outperform our competitors. Thanks to this professional developers team, our application helps us move ahead and see a growth of 25% in new clients around the UK” David Johns, General Manager We had the chance to make such improvements in Manchester. Our client tasked us with creating a mobile application that ensures they always arrive on time; that is to say, fully supporting carrier workflow and allowing them to optimize routing. We met their challenge and brought them an iOS application: Devy App.
Devy App helps companies to evenly distribute the workload between the carriers and to create optimal routes on a daily basis. It was pretty handy for clients who deal with a database of new addresses every single day to help undertake that daily routine efficiently. Thanks to our application, they can quickly plan and re-plan routes and add new orders as they arrive. The high-quality planning that we provide ensures timeliness, which means the client’s company reduces losses and the cost of delivery. The Courier Tracking Map and text message arrival time notification features assist our customers in:
  • satisfaction, knowing that they are in control
  • cutting down waiting times
  • raising their satisfaction and quantity of the implemented orders.

A Higher Quality of Service

n-Time Delivery Devy App factors in a large amount of statistical data, including traffic jams and individual driver metrics based on past performance. That has allowed us to guarantee a nearly flawless success rate.

Narrowing the Window

Providing customers with a more specific time slot when they can expect their delivery (within 1 hour), increases your level of service and builds both your brand image and the competitiveness of your company.


Our technology makes it easy to add new orders into the schedule with optimal and rapid redistribution of work between the couriers. If there are any delays, the app immediately draws the dispatcher’s attention to the problem, which they can then solve in just one click.

Cutting Costs via Smart Routes

Devy App builds optimal routes, regardless of the number of delivery points. Calculated planning, as well as reduced mileage, fuel consumption and vehicle wear and tear, will lead to a more efficient company. And that same technology that brings your all of those benefits can offer your clear insights into the true financial impact of it all.

Business Mobility via iOS Mobile App

According to our client’s needs, Devy App simplifies the requirements for each courier with the mobile application, which shows them the best route, detailed information about orders, on-line changes and additional information. This application collects the actual location of each of the orders via GPS and automatically updates the status and delivery time in the manager’s DB.

Increasing Productivity

Rapid Response

The possibility of fast, hyper-intelligent planning of orders, even after a courier has left on his or her route, helps to avoid wasted trips, in addition to increasing the speed and volume of work performed.

Fleet Efficiency

Using Devy App increases vehicle utilization and the efficiency of your staff, increasing the number of orders, sales and speed, all while minimizing costs.


This set of tools sorts and groups geozones based on certain characteristics, the result of which is faster and more efficient service. Devy App helps our client in improving the performance of the whole company. The number of loyal customers have increased by 20% in just the three months since the software was implemented. This lead to additional monthly profit totalling 1500 GBP. We offer full support on our bespoke solution and look forward to seeing the data on business results for the full year.

Efficient logistics of food delivery

Cutting costs and getting more clients with bespoke software.

The challenges to overcome

Thirsk Food Logistics came to us in search of a custom solution, which would help them optimize the food delivery process. The main challenge at hand was measure the temperature inside the vehicle. It was also important to take into account compatibility of different food products, and the time they could stay in the car. Large volumes of deliveries didn’t make the task easier. On the contrary, when working with large retail chains, a very strict control of arrival time and shipping applies, as it is necessary for the products to be in the store and on the shelfs at the proper time for the consumers to be able to purchase them during the store hours.

Solution and Result

Our software engineers took into account all the intricacies and the necessary parameters of product compatibility and the transportation of products in vehicles. Moreover, the planning stage took into account the strict time frames and our developers found a way for the cargo to be delivered on time and contain fresh produce upon arrival, which maximized the profit of both, the supplier and the retailer.

On-time delivery

The solution took into account statistical data about traffic jams and the individual characteristics of each driver, which guaranteed prompt delivery in 97% of cases. Our client no longer had to pay penalties for failure to deliver on time, which significantly increased the quality of service.

Smart Planning

We have plotted out and suggested optimal routes, which took into account the number of delivery points. Intelligent planning led to increased efficiency: the mileage was reduced, which lead to reduced fuel consumption and lowered the depreciation cost of vehicles.

Mobile app

The mobile app we created showed the best route, gave detailed information about orders and allowed the drivers to respond to messages with voice commands while driving. This allowed the company to hire drivers with less qualifications. For example, there was no longer a need to hire someone, who knew all the routes well, or could read the map.

Efficient Fleet

The usage of the mobile app we created, allowed for increased and efficient vehicle use by the company drivers. As a result, the number of orders was increased, the number of sales and the speed of fulfilling orders improved dramatically, and the costs were minimized.

Accounting for capacity

The bespoke solution created by our software engineers, helped our client allocate different groups of goods to different vehicles, depending on the required storage conditions and transport capacity. Incorporating information about the dimensions of the cargo (weight and volume) ensured the optimal utilization of each vehicle and reduced the number of vehicles used.

Control of the execution process

The system created constantly updated the delivery status of each order, the position of the vehicle and the estimated time of arrival. Planned estimates vs real time tracking data analysis identified problem areas in logistics and helped improve processes, and detection and prevention of personal vehicle use.


As a result of our work, Thirsk Food Logistics got new, satisfied customers, optimized current processes and routes in a cost-efficient way and increased its market share dramatically. Over just one year of app usage, the company got an additional £440,000 in profit.

A Hotel Application that Connects Guess

We have partnered with a leading of the hospitality industry to release a new mobile hotel app, which offers users wifi connectivity, information about local attractions and the latest deals. Customer experience and wifi access improve with our new mobile application

Hotel Connectivity and Promotion through Mobile Technology


Our client sought ways to incorporate new technologies into their daily operations at their hotels to improve customer satisfaction.
Recognising their visitors’ needs, they resolved to improve wifi capabilities with a personalised mobile application.

Our Solution

We immediately recognised the commercial potential of a customised hospitality app, not just as a portal for wifi seekers, but as a venue to promote the hotel, local industry and improve the stay of visitors. As users would come from diverse background, we recognised that one platform would be inadequate, and so our app was created to function on iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices. On these devices, we developed a program that allowed for internet connectivity, but, once connected, also took advantage of native technology on each device so that navigation features could help visitors to the city navigate its attractions, goings-on, and its dining establishments, while at the same time offering places for promotion to those companies and venues.

Benefits and Growth

The app has proven a value-adding feature for the hotel, whose customer service has improved significantly among their increasingly device-dependant clientele. The hotel’s outreach campaigns have also improved, with users now receiving promotions and notifications through their dedicated app and leading to more followers of their latest news. Having passed the XXX user mark, our client is now able to sell ad space to local companies wishing to promote themselves to guests of the hotel.

Courier Routes App for Android Tablets

A new Android app project for couriers


When it comes to delivery, time is of the essence, but it also proves a difficult resource to optimise, especially in a growing company. For delivery services, staying competitive means always being able to determine the fastest and most reliable routes for their couriers. The general manager of one of the UK’s top courier companies, whose name we have agreed not to share, had been seeking a way to ensure that competitive edge, seeing a program that could automatically generate routes as the best solution. They saw our young developer team as the best group to handle the creation of their new application.

Our Solution

Our client had a set of conditions during development, including a desire to integrate the technologies we developed into their existing system. A level of automation already existed, but we knew we could make it more precise. Our engineers researched and incorporated all the conceivable factors that could create delays, determined where to get data concerning them and added it all to their new algorithm, which operates on our native Android application. But, they didn’t stop there. We didn’t want to just return an update of the old system, but create a more valuable tool for the daily operations of this courier company, so we built in some additional functionality for customers and couriers alike, included estimated arrival time, paperless signature and a messaging system to facilitate more direct, real-time communication and roadside assistance between dispatch and couriers.

Benefits and Growth

The results became apparent very shortly after our client began using the product. The new application cut down on both delivery and planning time, meaning more daily deliveries each day and improved customer satisfaction. The accuracy with which our partner courier company was able to plan, which now takes 30 minutes, rather than 3 hours, has reduced planning error by a factor of more than ten. And now, having been used for over six months, the longer-term rewards are also clear, with vehicle life extended an average of 6% due to less wear and tear from each delivery.